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Our commitment to Excellence
Agrícola Vasán is a family business built up over three generations. We are constantly innovating to provide the best possible production processes, products and services for our clients.

- Selecting Varieties
When it comes to choosing our vegetable varieties, our top priority is that they meet the expectations of the end consumer, fulfilling all requirements at each stage of the process, from production to sale. You will find their names next to their photographs.

- Our Own Production Plant

Our facilities are located right next to the farms where our vegetables are cultivated. The production process is natural and transparent at all times, and our crops are grown in an area with an outstanding climate and landscape. We are committed to striking the perfect balance between production needs and quality and food safety controls, so we can offer our customers absolute peace of mind and guaranteed quality.

- Excellent Presentation
You can tell a nutritious, flavoursome, healthy vegetable by its shape, size, colour and texture. In short, good fruit should delight all 5 senses.

- Excellence is What Makes Us Special
You can enjoy offering your customers top-quality vegetables, bringing excellence to their tables. Our natural, healthy products will delight even the most demanding of palates.